Troubleshooting Your Low Libido: Could it Be Low Testosterone?

If you have been suffering from low libido (low sex drive) and you have noticed a significant decline in the quality and quantity of your sex life, you just may be one of the 2-4 million men in the U.S. suffering from a medical condition known as (hypogonadism) or low testosterone.

Low testosterone is the #1 leading cause of decreased libido and is also the main culprit of sudden death to an otherwise healthy sex drive (sexual appetite.)

Low testosterone occurs when the man’s body fails to produce adequate levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone produced in a man’s body that is responsible for a man’s natural sex drive, strength, bone density, fat distribution, production of sperm, fertility, red blood cell production, muscle mass, and overall vitality.

One of the Main Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Low Libido

Low-Testosterone can affect a man in a number of ways. It typically results in decreased sex drive, depression, an excess accumulation of body fat, muscle loss, a notable difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, and the rapid onset of chronic lethargy.

The main symptom of low testosterone is a decreased interest in sex, problems with getting and maintaining an erection, symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or complete disinterest in sexual activity, period.

Getting Tested for Low Testosterone & Seeking Treatments

If you have a very low sex drive, you should not chalk it up to the natural process of being an aging man, instead you could consult with your doctor and take a simple blood test which can confirm your testosterone levels.

Because not only can seeking official diagnosis of low testosterone help you understand your low libido more, but an official diagnosis can pave the way to you recharging your libido, for good.

Raising your testosterone levels can be pursued in the form of taking natural testosterone booster supplements (for the right reasons, safely consumed with little known side-effects), and testosterone booster supplements that are FDA approved and safely consumable and available for purchase on a prescription/ and non-prescription basis through your local pharmacies and via online manufacturers and pharmaceutical vendors.

So if you are having issues with low libido, symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and are plain tired of feeling like less than a man should then- low testosterone could very well be the culprit.

Checking out your options of low testosterone treatments such as available by prescription testosterone boosters (pills and patches with a prescription) and natural testosterone booster supplements (over-the-counter meds that contain natural ingredients) could be just what you need to take your life into your own hands and to regain the libido that you are meant to have.

The Facts About The New Quantrim Slimming Tablet from Nuropharm

Developed by Nuropharm Limited, a reputable company based in the United Kingdom, Quantrim is a new ‘herbal slimming tablet’ designed to fight obesity that has recently hit the market and is available to consumers all over the world. Nuropharm is registered with the Traditional Herbal Registration, which means that their products, including Quantrim are made to the highest natural health product standards.

Quantrim is to be taken in the morning at breakfast with a full glass of water. Two capsules a day will increase your metabolism, speed up the digestive system, curb your appetite and burn excess fat. Now, its success lies directly in Quantrim’s formula. The formula behind Quantrim is not new, and in fact, it dates back centuries. Quantrim consists of two ingredients that are both found locally in Europe: bladderwrack and cleavers. Quantrim may consist of only two ingredients, but the effects that they have on your body and weight loss efforts are very much desirable.

A type of seaweed, bladderwrack contains iodine needed to ensure the body has plenty of thyroid-stimulating hormones (aka TSH). As long as the body has proper levels of TSH, the body preserves a healthy metabolism. However, if TSH levels get too low, the metabolism slows down, which is one of the major factors that contribute to weight gain.

Often called Goosegrass, cleavers is known for its ability to help in the weight loss process. Overweight individuals have poor lymph circulation leading to the build-up of fluid in certain areas, which is often misconstrued as stubborn fat. Cleavers naturally gets the body to relieve fluid build-up and lymph congestion.

While the formula of Quantrim is very simple, it is incredibly effective. But Quantrim isn’t recommended to be used alone. In fact, the manufacturer’s of Quantrim offer a free diet plan, known as the Fast Track Formula by Dr Alfred, to go along with the use of Quantrim. Quantrim is recommended to be combined with diet and exercise, and this Fast Track Formula helps consumers achieve their weight loss goals much quicker.

Results will vary from one consumer to the next; however, two to three pounds of weight loss each week can be excepted when taking Quantrim in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen (Fast Track Formula), which can improve weight loss results.

You can order Quantrim from their official website, Amazon or eBay. But if you order from their official site as opposed to Amazon or eBay, you can get a coupon code from Quantrim Coupon Code that will give you a massive discount on your order.

Consumers will receive:

  • Fast Track Formula diet program FREE
  • Great deals including free bottles and hefty discounts on bulk orders
  • 60-day money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied with results

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss TipsSo you put on a few pounds with your pregnancy, and while some of that comes off with the birth chances are you are still not the thin svelt woman you once were. How can you go down to your pre-pregnancy weight? Well there are some simple post-pregnancy exercises that work great for women who need to lose the weight. After all look at the super stars. Of course the super stars are thin to begin with. If you are the right weight at the beginning of your pregnancy and only gain the 25-35 pounds that your doctor recommends then chances are you won’t have any problem losing the weight. However, if you are overweight to begin with, or if you have gained too much weight then it can be a lot harder to lose the weight. What do the experts suggest? Well for starters they warn against the dangers of dieting while pregnant. That’s right, you want to avoid dieting.

What Works and What Doesn’t

There are more options than just dieting though. Eating healthy is very important, especially if you are planning on breastfeeding, so instead of cutting calories or dieting try cutting out the bad foods. Fill up on super foods, low fat high protein substitutes will help you with nursing. Fish is one of the super foods, try salmon, tuna, tilapia, and the low fat fish that are also high in DHA and Omega 3-fatty acids; these will be beneficial both to you and the baby. Dairy products are also considered super foods, yogurts, cheese, and milk are all necessary for new moms and can be helpful when it comes to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

I am not going to be thin again instantly?

You aren’t going to be thin instantly; you won’t go back to your original weight upon the birth of your child. It will take a couple months at least if not longer, however you can encourage the process along. You can get back to normal faster if you remember that how much you eat is just as important as what you eat. This doesn’t mean you need to count calories, but rather when you snack choose healthy alternatives like fresh fruits and vegetables rather than potato chips. Blend in foods that are high in monounsaturated fats, these would be avocados, dark chocolate, flax seeds, nuts, olives, and soybeans.

How to Lose the Weight

Don’t diet, instead change the way you think about food, this means looking at what you are eating along with how much you are eating. Portion sizes can be very confusing any more. Especially if you eat out on a regular basis, most of the foods that you eat out are portioned larger than they should be. What this translates to when you are eating a meal at home is that you tend to eat larger portions. Get up and get active also, being active will not only help you lose the weight but will also help you feel better emotionally, and with the changes in hormones after a baby is born you will need help keeping your emotions balanced.

Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal MethodsThere are a lot of different hair removal methods on the market, from chemical based creams, to the old fashioned razor and shaving cream, to lasers, and waxes. For each person there is a different method, and in some cases a different result. Some people swear that the only way to go is by using the old fashioned razor and cream, while others will rave about the new laser hair removal that promises permanent hair removal. It is important to note that permanent hair removal doesn’t always work, although with some methods because you are damaging the follicle when it is removed the chances of it being permanent increase with each treatment.

What Works the Best?

What works the best is really a matter of preference. Some skin is going to be sensitive to pretty much any method of hair removal, and for people with this type of skin they have generally found that the laser hair removal works best only because the procedure itself doesn’t have to be repeated as frequently as other methods. Still others will be okay using a razor and shaving cream but will break out with other methods. When it comes to removing unwanted facial hair, especially for women, a lot swear by the use of wax. Hot wax applied around the eyes, and near the lips to remove unwanted hair can help to make sure that it stays gone longer than tweezing, plucking or shaving. Still what it boils down to is a matter of what each person likes best.

Traditional Razor Method

Probably the one method that has been around the longest is the traditional razor method. Although the straight razor and barber shop shaves have pretty much ended, this has to do with more of a concern for the safety of both the individual getting the shave and the barber, especially with an increased awareness of blood borne diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Still using the traditional method at home is quiet popular both among men and women, which has led to an extensive line of shaving products, creams, as well as razors.

Creams, Waxes, Plucking

Chemical based creams are very popular for hair removal, since they are easy to apply and rinse off in the shower or bath. Hot wax is also a very popular way to remove hair; this method can be done at home through store bought formulas or through some salons. Many women prefer to choose waxing over plucking, however another way to remove hair is to use tweezers and pluck the hair out. With plucking as opposed to creams or waxes there is a greater chance of damaging the follicle which can lead to permanent hair loss.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, is another form of permanent hair removal. It might take a couple of sessions to remove the hair, and it can stay away for up to six months at a stretch. Although the more that you use laser hair removal the more likely you are to have permanent hair removal.

Who Shouldn’t Have Teeth Whitening?

Should you get your teeth whitened?

There are certain people, because of health issues or age that should not have their teeth whitened. Are you one of those people? Perhaps you have certain health issues and you are wondering if you could still either whiten your teeth at home or have it done by the dentist. Before you make an appointment, or shell out money for at home solutions let’s talk about the people who should not have their teeth whitened.

Age is a factor, so is health

First and foremost children shouldn’t have their teeth whitened. Unfortunately the chemicals involved in whitening teeth, such as hydrogen peroxide, are just not safe for children to use, so before you allow your child to whiten their teeth take into consideration how old they are. One medical site online suggests that the cut off age be sixteen. If you still aren’t sure call and ask your dentist over the phone whether it would be safe for your child to get his or her teeth whitened, the dentist isn’t going to tell you it is safe unless it is. Women who are pregnant or lactating shouldn’t use teeth whiteners either. Again there are certain chemicals that could be dangerous to the unborn baby, or that could get into the babies milk so you will want to be careful.

What about fillings

Some experts also suggest that anyone who has a substantial amount of work done on their teeth should not try to whiten; this has more to do with the work that has already been done. If you have a lot of fillings, the whitening could make your teeth come off looking uneven. This is another time when you might want to discuss your options with your dentist to determine whether it is worth the money to try and whiten your teeth. Obviously if you have allergies to the ingredients in the whitening solutions you shouldn’t have your teeth whitened. However, Dentists also warn against doing the whitening if you have sensitive teeth because the solution could be painful.

Be realistic

Experts suggest that you keep your expectations realistic. You should have a certain idea about how your teeth look, and that idea should be fairly realistic. They aren’t going to be superstar white, and you may be left with some staining, if you go into it with unrealistic expectations then you are going to be disappointed. Since whitening can be expensive depending on what method you choose to use you should make sure to discuss how your teeth will look with your dentist before you commit to a procedure. Or if you are considering at-home options read information from reputable sources online. Understanding what you are in for can help you not only decide whether whitening is for you but also help you keep a reasonable expectation of the results.

Whitening options?

You can go to your dentist for laser whitening or other supervised whitening, which is the option most people choose in the US. At home teeth whitening with over-the-counter products and kits is also a popular option.

In closing

It doesn’t hurt to remember that whitening isn’t for everyone. If you have habits that will turn your teeth yellow right away you might consider just leaving them the way they are, at least until you can end some of the bad habits. There is nothing wrong with having teeth that aren’t white.

Getting In Shape for Your Health

There are many different reasons to lose weight. Some people want to lose weight to look better, while others need to lose weight for their health. If you are one of those people who needs to lose weight because your health demands it then pay attention. There are easy ways to lose weight that is right, there are easy ways to lose weight. However it has to be your decision and that is perhaps the hardest part of losing weight, finding the willpower to do it. If you can find the will power then lose weight is actually fairly easy. It does take time though. Don’t confuse the ease of losing weight with how long it takes.

A great way to think about it is that you didn’t do the damage to your body overnight or even over a short period of time, putting on the weight took time so taking it off will also take time. If you are willing to do it the right way though you will improve your health, improve your life, and keep the weight off. How do you get started? Simple, focus on what you know about diets. You already know what doesn’t work; the way you’ve been eating doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean you have to turn vegetarian. In fact some meat and protein are needed if you want to be healthy when you lose weight. Instead look at what you’ve been eating and decide what needs to change in your immediate diet.

Do you eat a lot of fast food or processed foods? Do you even know what processed foods are? If you are eating primarily processed foods, which is probably the case if you are having health issues due to your weight then that is where you need to start. Changing what you eat means giving up the processed foods for a healthier fresh alternative. Lean meats, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, are a good start. Then you should also think about how much you drink, not how much alcohol you drink, but what types of fluids and how much. A well hydrated body will help you lose weight and will keep you healthier. Most of your hydration should come from water; some can come from juice, some from milk. Try to avoid alcohol; although some alcohol is okay, you want to not drink in excess, so no more than eight drinks a week. The same goes for caffeine. Caffeine is okay to drink in moderation, it does dehydrate you though so be careful on how much you drink.

Finally, getting your diet right is only half the battle when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. You also need to exercise. Finding the right balance of how much you need to exercise. You should combine anaerobic and aerobic exercises. This means combining cardio with weight training, you need to burn calories and also build muscle if you are going to get your weight under control and be healthier.

The Real Facts About Phen375


Phen375 diet pills

When it comes to losing weight one of the best options on the market is Phen375. Some are even going so far as to call it the miracle supplement for weight loss. It combines powerful ingredients to burn fat and increase energy, two things that are very important when it comes to losing weight. You can lose weight through proper diet and exercise, but with Phen375 you get a little bit of an extra boost. Here is a summary of this product, based on information from Phen375 in Review.

What is in Phen375?

It is the ingredients in Phen375 that make it work so well; a combination of Capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers and boosts metabolism, L-Carnitine, which aids in boosting energy, and the Indonesian herb, LongJack TongKat ALI 50:1, the ingredients combine to make one of the most potent weight loss pills on the market today.

How to lose weight

Phen375 works great because it is one of the few pills on the market that focuses not just on taking a pill to lose weight but also figuring out the best diet. In fact one user of the pills said that it was the only pill on the web that lists a thirty day menu so that you can learn how to change your diet. No matter if you are using Phen375 or another weight loss pill you have to be able to change your eating habits as well. The pills only work if you are willing to make some changes as well. Both how you eat and what kind of activities that you do, are what make losing weight on Phen375 successful.

What are the Side Effects?

It seems like worrying about side effects should make you not want to take a certain medication or diet pill, but the truth of the matter is that any supplement is going to have side effects. This is especially true if you do not follow the instructions on how to properly take the product. So what are the side effects of Phen375, well you could have some stool inconsistency, dizziness, this along with an raise in your blood pressure or heart rate, and finally sleeping disorder are the top complaints issued by users of the supplement. Most of the complaints though, come from people who admittedly did not follow the instructions when it came to using the product.

Should you use Phen375?

If you are willing to make serious diet changes, along with proper exercise, then Phen375 can help you lose weight faster. You have to also be willing to follow the instructions when it comes to taking the pills. This product has been closely studied and when they suggest that you follow the instructions this is for your benefit and to avoid any unnecessary side effects.

Consumers are advised that it only possible to buy the genuine Phen375 product at the official Phen375 website. This article and another article by Phen375 in Review highlight issues with counterfeit goods being sold on Amazon and ebay.

Eating healthy on your summer vacation

If you have worked hard all spring losing the weight so that you could look good on your summer vacation you might wonder now how you can maintain that healthy weight while on vacation. If you have health reasons for monitoring what you eat, whether it is diabetes, heart problems, or other health concerns that mean you need to watch what you eat you might think that you cannot eat healthy while on vacation. Well you can eat healthy on vacation. It is a matter of making the right choices. What kinds of foods do you eat, where do you eat, and of course packing healthy snacks, whether you are planning on driving to your vacation destination or taking a plane.

When you plan your vacation if you are planning on driving pack healthy light snacks for the road, fresh fruits and vegetables, are always a good alternative to the high calorie snacks that you pick up at the convenience stores and vending machines along the way. Also if you are traveling with children packing healthy snacks is better than spending a lot of money along the way and it will cut down on your travel time because you won’t have to stop multiple times for snacks and meals. When flying you can pack healthy snacks and avoid the high calorie treats that you get in flight.

Once you reach your vacation destination you can continue to make smart food choices by eating at dine in restaurants and avoiding the fast food joints. You can also add visiting a local farmers market to your itinerary. This will help you cut down on the high calorie snacks and can be a fun part of your trip. If there isn’t a farmers market available you can visit the local super market and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables both for snacks and for healthy alternatives to breakfast in the morning.

The healthier choices you can make when you are picking out foods the better you will stick to your diet while you are on vacation and the easier it will be to stay on the diet when you come off of your vacation. It is easy to say while you are on vacation that you can splurge and go off your diet, however doing so can make it easier to not go back on the diet after the fact. If you want to stay slim and stay on your diet it is a good idea to try and maintain the diet while you are on vacation. Although the occasional treat will not hurt you, so don’t be afraid one night of your vacation to grab something that might not necessarily be considered diet food, just don’t make a habit out of it.

Finally one of the most important things to remember when you are dining out, whether you are on vacation or not is that serving size really does matter. A lot of restaurant portions are actually two or more servings, if you can share a meal with a family member you will be a lot better of when it comes to sticking to your diet.

Vinegar For Sunburns, and Other Natural Remedies

Chances are your kitchen is full of natural remedies to cure everything from sunburn to poison Ivy, and a whole slew of ailments in between. In fact you might be surprised at just how many products in you kitchen will help you combat everyday problems. Do you have a problem with acne? What about a sunburn, have you gotten into poison Ivy? If you are a woman chances are you’ve suffered through a Yeast Infection, what about a UTI? Not to mention those horrible stretch marks. Now there is a list of everyday items that can cure just about anything.

A common complaint among pregnant women or women who have just given birth is stretch marks. This can also be true if you used to be overweight and recently got down to your desired size. Now you might be skinny, but you have horrible red stretch marks. What can be done about them? Well if you mix together aloe Vera gel, olive oil and a couple capsules of vitamin E then rub it into your stretch marks you can see them lighten up and disappear altogether. If you have a lot of yeast infections, due to any number of other issues, then chances are you’ve heard that yogurt is great to relieve the burning and itching, and also will help to cure the yeast infection. What you might not know though is Garlic works much the same way. If you make a paste out of garlic and then apply it to the infected area you can rid yourself of the yeast infection, for women who haven’t had luck with yogurt this is a safe and easy alternative.

What about sunburn? An old wives tale is to cover the infected area at night before bed with apple cider vinegar and when you wake up in the morning the burning and redness will be gone, you will instead look like you have a proper tan. If you don’t want to smell like you’ve just pickled yourself there is another alternative, take a whole potato and put it in the blender turning it into a paste this works good to relieve the burning of a sun burn. The potato paste also works good for poison ivy. Another great poison ivy relief is banana peel. If you have a problem with athlete’s foot then you can try putting apple cider vinegar. For severe cases of athletes’ foot use straight apple cider vinegar, otherwise you can dilute the vinegar with water before applying it.

For stomach problems like indigestion you can try drinking a glass of water with a little bit of lemon juice right before a meal. If you suffer with constipation a large glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning before you eat or drink anything else will help to get everything going. Most people know that with a UTI you can drink cranberry juice, however if you mix a half a teaspoon of baking soda with an 8-ounce glass of water it can help to raise the acidic level in your urine and will aid in getting rid of your UTI.

There are literally thousands of different suggestions when it comes to natural remedies for everyday health and beauty problems, and most of these natural remedies whether you want to think of them as old wives tales or family secrets really do work, in some cases they work better than the chemical alternatives that we sell today.