Because I Have Flatulences Very Stinky

Hey buddy how you doing? How are you doing? I hope that well, today we will talk about the very stinky flatulence, if of those that when you least expect it you come out and you say ufff I need to go to church to bless my stomach, you don’t even hold on, calm down… that’s the most normal thing in the world.

I’ll give you accurate information about why those stinking flatulence that sometimes puts you through an awkward moment, so let’s cut to the chase.

Flatulence can be a topic of laughter among acquaintances, however, few take flatulence as a health issue, and the truth is that flatulence, gases or “farts” can say a lot about the state of your health.


If at any time you have been curious about why the smell of your flatulence, you have arrived at the right place, as we will tell you a little.

Approximately 1% of the gas produced in the intestines has certain particular fragrances, this aroma is a product of hydrogen sulfide, which is a gas that occurs when the body begins to break down sulfur-containing foods.

Among the foods that can produce very stinky flatulence we can find red meats, dairy foods, broccoli and cauliflower, beans and other types of grains such as beans and so on, as they are harder to digest.

If after consuming any dairy products, you feel the need to release flatulence, this may be because your body does not process lactose correctly, and this is very common, as a large part of the world’s population has lactose intolerance in varying degrees, and this produces the stinky gases.

Very stinky flatulence can also be a sign of a chronic problem, and although this happens to a lesser extent, it is important to know that very strong odors in flatulence can be due to irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and infections such as gastroenteritis.

So, if you have very stinky flatulence, your body might be telling you that you either don’t properly digest certain foods or that you really need to go to an expert, get a checkup and go a little deeper.


Flatulence is a combination of air that accidentally enters the digestive system when breathing – it can be by eating very fast, drinking fizzy drinks and even chewing gum – along with the gas that bacteria produce in the large intestine.


These create gases in the large intestine because there are the sugars and starches that are decomposing, which the body does not digest so easily, this decomposition process produces between 2 and 6 cups of gases a day, and once they accumulate , they need to break free somewhere.

Flatulence is usually a sign that there is a good consumption of fiber and that the bacteria in your gut are healthy and good.


Contrary to what many assume, and as we explained above, only a small part of the gases that are expelled have odor.

Much of the gases that build up in your body are caused by the air you swallow while you’re talking or drinking water, even while you’re sleeping, these gases are the same as a burp, only they come out the place we least expect.


Frequent flatulence should not be a reason not to sleep, as a person can in a day, expel about 20 flatulence a day, although there are some tips that could help to reduce excess gas in the body and similarly , decrease the annoying swelling that can accompany them sometimes.

People who have a healthy, vegetarian diet are the most likely to have more frequent flatulence compared to those who have an omnivorous diet. This is partly because the high-carb diets that vegetarians typically eat, and the fact that much of the vegetables are high in sulfide, result in flatulence being created after consuming them.

If flatulence is very common they can become a nuisance, cause swelling and different discomforts.

If your flatulence is regular and the smell isn’t as unpleasant, you may not have to worry, however, as we discussed earlier, there are some signs that could be an alert for you to see your doctor.



When you feel the need to expel a flatulence, it’s best to let it out, otherwise it could cause discomfort, inflammation, abdominal pain, and it can even worsen flatulence as such.

Although not the right thing to do, you’re sure to find a moderately secluded place to expel your flatulence without causing discomfort or discomfort.


The sound of your flatulence is not a cause for alarm, this is unrelated to the state of your health, rather it has to do with the position in which your body is at that time.

So don’t worry if you or your baby has very noisy flatulence, these won’t be a problem, although they can be a reason to shock whoever’s next to you, but nothing else.


For men it is always an open topic, of laughter and taunts, however, for women the subject is very different.

It has the taboo that women should not expel gases, as if they did not have the same system as men.

However, from the beginning of life, both men and women have gas and expel flatulence, so if your partner misses a gas, the least she needs to do is make her feel bad with mockery and so on.

No matter your age or sex, everyone misses a flatulence – or more than one – and although we may be a little careful of who surrounds us before expelling her, sometimes they just go out and we can’t do anything to stop them, so, without fear , you’re human.

If on the other hand your flatulence is very stinky and nothing changes, it is recommended that you go to a doctor, this may be necessary to check by experts on the subject.

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