Why I Have High Tension In the Mornings

Hello my dear reader, I hope you are well, today we will talk about a very important topic and it is that of tension, I know that you came to this post because you have always wondered Why I have the tension high in the mornings?, if so, I have good news today I will give you u we Tips that will help you alleviate this evil.

So don’t try to divert your attention to banal things because the topic we’re going to discuss here today is very important and your health.


Blood pressure is the blood pressure that allows the blood to circulate properly through our body and fulfill sits of taking it to all the tissues that the body has, it also helps us that our body has the right oxygen and nutrients for the carrying out different activities.

This force exerted on the walls of the arteries can be said to be the highest tension, unlike the low tension that occurs when the heartbeat and any other heart muscle are there.

With heart movements it is possible to determine whether blood pressure, when it is above the normal average can be said to be high.

And it can be called as hypertension, this can have consequences of serious diseases such as heart attacks, kidney failure, among others. Unlike low blood pressure it can only bring dizziness, weakness in the body, vomiting, diarrhea, vertigo or fainting.

There are 3 types of stresses, normal, high and low, all have different numerical averages and that is the way to identify them. The normal is characterized by having a value between 90 and 130, the low has a drop of 20mm below the normal average and the high exceeds 140.

We must keep in mind that all values are not kept stable throughout the day, on the contrary in the day several numerical modifications emerge which cause this to vary its pressure.

Many people when we get up feel a sense of weakness in the body and we don’t know why that happens to us, it turns out that in the mornings the effects of hormones. This hormone is named after catecholamines and is released cyclically occurring between 4 and 5am. Therefore, when you wake up you may have problems with high blood pressure.

On the other hand, these hormones are also responsible for regulating your sleep.

Just as your tension will be a little high in the mornings called elevation, but we already know that hormones regulate your sleep cycle and it’s totally normal. Now if this manifests itself in different ways you should see your trusted doctor to monitor your tension on several occasions of the day.


Although we know that the cause of high blood pressure is because of the sleep cycle as we mentioned above, there are people who suffer from having almost always very high blood pressure. Therefore, if the patient is hypertensive, more drastic scenes may occur in the mornings, as naturally the tension rises a little by the hormone catecholamines.

This hormone is the main cause of this problem in the mornings, it causes the pressure to rise at least 10% above your natural tension. Hypertensive people can develop more severe diseases, and this is because they can’t stand that morning rise and can suffer from heart attacks, ACV, thrombosis, among others.

There is no other cause for this natural situation that occurs in humans, remember that your tension varies 24 hours a day and is almost never static, so you have to take certain precautions.


  • Headache or in the back of the neck.
  • Strong palpitations.
  • Bleeding from the nose.


If you want to take care of the high blood pressure and you are a hypertensive person, the best thing you can do is:

  • Avoid high salt consumption.
  • Get physical activity daily and don’t feel sedentary.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or any type of tobacco.
  • Controls alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid excessive fat intake and start a balanced diet.
  • Stress.

These factors that we mention you are the cause of that generate heart disease, the high blood pressure is very quiet and sometimes we do not know that we suffer from it, that is why it is the importance of doing monthly checkups to check our blood pressure.


Having high blood pressure is not highly recommended, but there are many variations that cause people to start suffering from it. Whether it’s genetics or other circumstantial factors, people get hypertension.


When you have hypertension your heart usually works much harder, as it should distribute blood to the body but with certain problems. Performing this forced activity results in the enlargement of the heart, and the heart will not be able to comply with the mechanism. Which causes heart failure and ends up having heart attacks.


Because of poor circulation in the arteries of our brain, this can lead us to heart attacks.


Chest pain is a pain in the chest when not enough blood arrives in the heart. People with hypertension often cause this situation to be seen in their lives.


The eyesight tends to be damaged, as a rupture is made in the arteries of the eyes causing loss in vision.


Hypertension causes kidney damage causing kidney failure.


Due to ruptures in the lungs can damage the capillaries of the same, which results in the entry of fluids into this organ.


  • Avoid flour, this includes bread as it contains high levels of salt.
  • Start cooking with natural seasonings such as garlic, parsley, coriander, among others.
  • Don’t eat pastry candy.
  • Decrease your intake of foods containing sodium.
  • Avoid dairy.
  • Do not consume tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mustard.

We already know that it causes discomfort in the mornings and we realized that it is a natural process on the part of the human body. However, if we do not want to suffer more in front of high and low stresses we must start a rich balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables, avoid the excess consumption of salt and fats.

These recommendations are not only for hypertensive people, it can also be applied by any type of healthy person, this will help bring more energy to the body instead of making it sick with severe situations.

One way to keep control of tensions is to go to a hospital near your home for 1 day and you’ll see the change that your pressure produces and you’ll be able to identify what kind of tension you are. The voltage several hours 24 hours and never remains stable but if you see it go up or down too much emergency with a specialist.

Many times people suffer from blood pressure and don’t know it until an unexpected event occurs, it’s best to diagnose what kind of tension you have. If you have family members who suffer from this, it’s best to have a checkup to rule out you from having the same thing.

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